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Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a type of tile that is typically made from red or white clay. Ceramic tile can be used in several areas throughout the house.
Wan Lida supplies advanced ceramic tile printing machine technology that allows users to print onto decorative tiles, stone tiles, rocks and glass tiles. With customization solutions that uv printers, you can achieve high-end, high-value customization results for art, home décor, branding, interior design, and other profitable applications.

iPad & Phone Case Cover specimens

Ceramic tile print can be used in home decoration. LED lamp curing ensure the ink durability and waterproof. UV printer with Ricoh G5 and varnish.

iPad & Phone Case Cover specimens

Floor tile are made of ceramic tile. You can print any pictures in ceramic tile. Also you can print many tile at one time, with different artworks. LED curing ensure the inks durability and waterproof.

iPad & Phone Case Cover specimens

WAN LIDA UV flatbed printer can be printing different ceramic tile with the designed pictures. High precision and fast speed make more and more industries choose them.


E2000UV Printer Desktop

WLD-UV3040 UV FLATBED PRINTER with High precision, high speed, high-end nozzle. Apply Skeleton triangle welding technology, nozzle collision protection, Bi-direction printing technology, "cellular" adsorption platform, water cooling system.

  • Print Size: 3.0×4.0m/10’*13’
  • Nozzle Configuration : Ricoh G5
  • Print Size: Ricoh G5-Production mode 28㎡/h
  • Ink Color: Ink 4, 6 colors plus white and varnish
  • Printing Material: Can print any flat material, outdoor 5-8 years without fading
  • Application Industry: signage industry, advertising industry, decoration industry, glass industry, iron plate metal industry, gift crafts industry, packaging industry
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