Terrible!! Are you still operating the uv flatbed printer like this? 

The quantity of uv flatbed printers on the market is gradually increasing, and there are many problems with uv flatbed printers under such demand. Particularly obvious is the damage of the uv flatbed printer caused by operating the uv flatbed printer. According to the above situation, Wan Lida Xiaobian will talk to you.


Brute force to adjust nozzle 

Use the external force to adjust the position of the nozzle. Do not use brute force, whether it is to replace or fine-tune the nozzle. Please treat the nozzle carefully according to the specifications.


Ignore the work ground 

Printing of uv flatbed printers is greatly affected by static electricity, and the connection of grounding equipment should be checked frequently.


Free switching of the circuit 

The uv flatbed printer circuit can be installed and removed freely without turning off the power and turning off the main power. This behavior can damage the life of each system and endanger the nozzle.


Please turn off the power when cleaning 

Do not pay attention to protecting the board and other internal systems during cleaning. Turn off the power while cleaning, and be careful not to let water touch the board and other internal systems.


Use inferior cleaning solution 

Clean the nozzle with a poor quality cleaning solution. The nozzle is very easy to be contaminated and worn, so please use the manufacturer's designated products and quality inspection products to clean the nozzle.


Use inferior ink 

Feel free to add different batches of ink or use inferior ink or cleaning solution. The mixing of inks in two different configurations will change the color and quality of the ink. The quality of the ink will affect the printing effect and block the nozzle, which will damage the life of the nozzle.


Wrong cleaning nozzle method 

The cleaning solution can be used to immerse the nozzle in the cleaning solution for a long time to more effectively clear the stain. However, the cleaning solution is corrosive. If the time exceeds 48 hours, it will affect the nozzle orifice itself. So if you don't understand anything, please ask a technician.

The correct use and maintenance of the uv flatbed printer not only ensures the normal high-efficiency production operation of the machine, but also prolongs the service life of the uv printer, which can greatly reduce expenses and costs. Therefore, if you encounter operational problems, you can contact the technical staff of Wanlida. Do not operate without knowing it to avoid damage.


After to holiday,what should we pay attention to in the uv flatbed printer to start work?

When the holiday is always over, it will start unconsciously. Just started, what should I pay attention to in the uv flatbed printer? Has not been used for a long time, for the uv flatbed printer Renaissance remind you of the following:

1. First check the circuit line of the uv flatbed printer, such as the cable and the plug-in line, if there is any obvious traumatic mouse bite; it can effectively avoid leakage and other situations;

2. Before the official use of the uv flatbed printer, we will firstly observe the operation of the uv printer and solve the problem in time.

3. The nozzle of the uv flatbed printer has been cleaned before the Spring Festival, and the nozzle needs to be cleaned with cleaning liquid after the festival to ensure that there is no impurity dust in the nozzle. At the same time, the excess cleaning solution should be drained before adding ink and using the machine.

After the Spring Festival, when this kind of long-term use is not used, the situation of the uv flatbed printer is unknown, so you need to carefully check it. In the absence of any problems, put into production and use. If you encounter any problems, please contact our technical staff at the first time to solve the problem.


Why does the uv flatbed printer have a color cast during use? 

There may be the following reasons:

1. Ink problem, the ink produced according to the manufacturer is different, as well as the ink brand and the ink inlet. These will lead to different pigment composition ratios. This obviously causes the uv flatbed printer to print different patterns. . Therefore, you should use the original ink or designated ink of the manufacturer to avoid blocking the head. Renaissance uses US imported ink to make the picture quality clearer.

2. Printout software problem, if the software is pirated, there is no way to compare it with the genuine software. It can't accurately achieve the color as the genuine software. It can't accurately restore the color. Naturally, it can't transfer the accurate data to the uv flatbed printer. The head of the machine, so there will be a color cast problem. But this point is not a problem in Wanlida, and Wanlida uv flatbed printers all use genuine software.

3. uv flat-panel printer's own accuracy problems, low-precision print quality is not clear and delicate, the actual printed effect is not the same. The Wanlida family, which has been focusing on the flat-panel printing business for ten years, is strictly controlling the machine precision and achieving high standards. According to your precision requirements, choose three nozzles with different precision: Epson nozzle, Ricoh GH2220 nozzle, Ricoh G5 nozzle. There is also a problem of color cast when the picture accuracy is not up to standard, and Wanlida will send you the HD Gallery.