WLD-UV2513 Heighten Print

WLD-UV2513 apply Skeleton triangle welding technology, nozzle collision protection, two-way printing technology, "cellular" adsorption platform, water cooling system. The head Can be raised to 30cm.



Can be equipped with Japan Epson 3.5 picoliter nozzle

3.5PL ink drop size

1440 fine orifices

Print images comparable to photo levels

All steel nozzle design is corrosion resistant

24 hours of continuous printing


Can be equipped with Ricoh GH2220 3.0 picoliter nozzle

Industrial grade nozzles are low in price

3.0PL nozzle size picture is more delicate

Fast printing speed

Service life of up to 30 billion

Grayscale control gradient is more natural


Can be equipment with Ricoh G5 7 picoliter nozzle

Gray scale all steel piezoelectric nozzle

Variable ink drop minimum 7PL, maximum 35PL

High speed and high precision

Normal service life of up to 3 years

Industrial nozzles

Colorful white varnish can be ejected at the same time

WLD-UV2513 Heighten Print

Can print out special effects directly Embossed effect, gold color printing, silver color printing, 3D effect, 4D effect, local varnish

Buyer's Country Name Telephone Product Type Transaction Date
Oman Ahmed 968 *** 9390 EPS-WLD-UV6090 11/14/2018
Australia Martin 0416 *** 775 EPS-WLD-UV4590 09/18/2018
Australia Peter 7 3*** 4652 EPS-WLD-UV2232 11/20/2018
Colombia Hernán Ro*** 322***2715 WLD-UV3040 09/25/2018
India Ankur Gu*** 098***8829 WLD-UV2513 11/26/2018
HongKong Daniel W*** 852 *** 6408 WLD-UV2232 11/29/2018
Ukraine com***tion LLC 380-9***1720 WLD-UV1325 11/30/2018
USA Adam R*** '+173***0151 WLD-UV1313 12/12/2018
Mongolia DUDU*** 976-***9350 WLD-UV6090 Cylinder Print 12/15/2018
Ecuador Mr. MARCELO M*** 593-***9195 WLD-UV4590 Cylinder Print 12/26/2018
Ecuador Mr. Romeo N*** 593-***3024 G-WLD-UV3040 12/17/2018
Switzerland Ella M*** 41-453-***8764 WLD-UV6090 12/18/2018
Switzerland Karl Fri*** 41-5***3211 WLD-UV2513 12/18/2018
USA Mrs. Happi N*** 1-973***5711 WLD-UV1313 12/19/2018

Distinguishing Features

The head can be raised to 30cm

Precise positioning of the beam back and forth Imported grinding screw, durable High precision, high precision lead screw avoids the phenomenon of lat

The use of electronic anti-collision system, the nozzle anti-collision has played an effective role in protection, reducing the damage rate of the noz

Model Type WLD-UV2513
Nozzle configuration Ricoh GEN5 1-8  GH2220 industrial nozzle 1-16  Japan epson micro piezoelectric nozzle 1-2
Maximum print size 2500mm×1300mm/8*4'
Print speed Ricoh:Four nozzles sketch model 48m2/H production 25m2/h High quality pattern 16m2/h
Epson:Two nozzles sketch model 10m2/H production 6m2/h High quality pattern 3m2/h
Print material Type:Acrylic, aluminum plastic board, wood, tile, foam board, metal plate, glass, cardboard and other plane objects
Thickness: 0 mm - 120 mm/0-5" Uniform weight: 25kg Maximum size: 2500mm x 1300mm/8*4'
Ink type Blue, magenta, yellow, black, light blue, light red, white, light oil
The UV lamp Ricoh:LED-UV Two:1500W life:20000-30000 hours compression refrigeration cooling
Epson:LED-UV Two:420W life:20000-30000 hours water cooling
RIP software PhotoPrint,Monteiro,Ultraprint;Microsoft Windows2000/XP/WIN7
Power supply voltage,power     AC220v, hosts the largest 1650w, LED - the UV lamp's largest 200-1500w, 1500w vacuum adsorption platform
Image format     Tiff,JEPG,Postscript3,EPS,PDF Etc.
Color control Comply with ICC standard, have curve and density adjustment function.
Print resolution     720*360dpi,720*720dpi,360*1080dpi,720*1080dpi,720*1440dpi,1440*1440dpi
Operating environment Temperature: 20 ℃ to 28 ℃   humidity: 40% to 60%
Apply the ink Ricoh and LED-UV ink, solvent ink, textile ink 
The machine size L 4050mm X W 2100mm X H 1260mm   800KG
Packing size L 4150mm X W 2200mm X H 1360mm   1000KG

Sectional Vacuum System
This flatbed printer is designed with an adjustable air flow inside the vacuum system, based on the tolerance levels of different materials. The entire system is flat, corrosion resistant and features a uniform vacuum force.


Butt Welding Technology
Thanks to butt welding technology, the machine frame is strong, preventing deformation, even under extreme temperatures and rough transportation, as well as operating stress.


Negative Pressure Control System
With the assistance of a 0.01PA high-precision negative pressure control system, the print head prints smoothly and evenly. It also features a stable performance when printing at high speeds or working for long periods of time. In addition, a constant temperature system inside the secondary ink cartridge guarantees a consistent color and printing quality, even in different temperature environments.


Industrial rail 

HIWIN brand rail with high duration and great precision. Option of THK industrial rail is available.


Water cooling system

With Ricoh compressed water cooling technology, the machine has a good heat dissipation and the Led is of long service time.


Imported Led Lights

Due to the use of an advanced LED-UV curing technology, our UV flatbed printers require no preheating, and are capable of operation as soon as they are turned on. Further, the low-heat consumption of the LED-UV lamps feature a service life of 20,000-30,000 hours under normal operation, reducing additional lamp replacement costs.

Non-standard customization

Wanlida has 10 years of R&D and production experience in the industrial printer field. It can customize non-standard models such as super large, super high (Can be increased up to 30CM) according to customers' production needs.

Providing reliable, high-quality, independent and perfect printing solutions for customers with different needs to help enterprises achieve a print-free, multi-color, environmentally friendly, simple and time-saving printing process.

The WLD-UV 1313 UV flatbed printer is equipped with a Ricoh Gh2220 or Epson Dx7 print head, and carries out printing processes with an outstanding resolution and high precision. The 1440 DPI printing machine is also able to flawlessly satisfy different industrial requirements in the usage of UV printing. With the use of the Epson print head, consistent quality of all printing applications is guaranteed. In order to meet the needs of customers, this printer head can increase a certain height.

Logo, Sign Packaging, Gift promotion, Customized items Interior decoration Leather 3C products, Household appliances Crafts, Prize
Logo, Sign Packaging, Gift promotion, Customized items Interior decoration Leather 3C products, Household appliances Crafts, Prize
No. Item Unit Discription Warranty Function Price
1 Printhead Pcs   No    
2 Jet board 8 heads Pcs   No    
3 Mainboard 8 heads Pcs   No    
4 Nozzle transfer board
With line
Pcs   No    
5 150 Grating belt Pcs   No    
6 150 Grating reading head Pcs   No    
7 Safety bottle Pcs   No    
8 Secondary ink bottle Pcs   No    
9 Big filter Pcs   No    
10 Heater strip Pcs   No    
11 Magnetic valve Pcs   No    
12 Negative pressure
display list
Pcs   No    
13 Optical fiber 
M   No    
14 7W Ink pump Pcs   No    
15 Negative pressure
control panel
Pcs   No    
16 Pressure  sensor Pcs   No    
17 White ink stir motor Pcs   No    
18 Power supply  Pcs   No    
19 Air-switch Pcs   No    
20 Relay Pcs 220V No    
21 Common relay Pcs 24V No    
22 Z-axis motor Pcs   No    
23 Z-axis driver Pcs   No    
24 Origin inductor Pcs   No    
25 Belt Pcs   No    
26 TP02 the inductor Pcs   No    
27 Front and back Proximity switch Pcs   No    
28 400W Motor Pcs   No    
29 400W Driver Pcs   No    
30 Led lamp Pcs   No    
31 Heating controller Pcs   No    

Price description
For the above items, there are some consumable parts and some Non vulnerable parts, if you need the exact price, please feel free to contact our sales.



If you have bought our company printers, in order to avoid the printhead and the mainboard damage because of some wrong operation, you should install the printhead correctly in operation and maintenance according to the following way. And refer to the instructions, or under the guidance of the professional engineers operation.


1. Clean and lubricity of guide screw and bearing (3 days)

①.Lubricating grease to ensure that the screw guide clean and lubricity

②.Spray car bearing to keep clean

2. Print heads prior to shutdown state diagram to ensure that the state of the nozzle is normal

3. Closed software, automatic spray car back to protect wet, then turn the power off, keep the car in moisture

4. Boot before every day with a clean cotton swab swab wet special cleaning fluid ink pads and doctor blade, prevent ink drying into pieces, residue on it.

5. Regular cleaning platform redundant ink printing machine work

6. Every print heads before starting the state diagram, maintain nozzle working properly

7. Regularly clean excess ink from the mirror surface of the uv lamp to maintain the curing effect of the uv lamp. Air-cooled heat-dissipating dust and flying ink on the air outlet of the fan and UV lamp (5-7 days) to clean the fan and keep the fan cool. Water cooling should pay attention to the water circulation. The antifreeze should be replaced once a month to keep the antifreeze clean and free of sediment.

8. Regularly check ink sac and nozzle joint for excess ink, refill tube and if there's any loose for ink sac joint to prevent a drop of ink and ink phenomenon, ensure the nozzle in order to avoid damage.

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